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Video Game News header-gaming-laptop

Win a Digital Storm Gaming Laptop

God knows we’ve put our fair share of systems through the ringer! I remember my first “laptop” (if you can call it that)… more »

Geek Culture run-for-your-lives

Episode 75 – Run For Your Lives 5K – Darlington Maryland, 2012

Rob and Chad defy all odds and try their luck in a “dry” run of the Zombie Apocalypse. Join them on an adventure… more »

Movie Reviews cloud-atlas-review

Episode 74 – Cloud Atlas Review

Everything is connected in this dense drama adapted from the epic novel “Cloud Atlas.”

Movie Reviews paranormal-activity-4

Episode 73 – Paranormal Activity 4 Review

Halloween is upon us so we check out what goes bump in the night with Paranormal Activity 4!

Video Game Reviews borderlands-2

Episode 72 – Borderlands 2 Review

We take a look back at a game we missed with our review of Borderlands 2.

TV Show Reviews arrow

Episode 71 – The CW’s Arrow TV Show Review

DC’s Green Arrow comes to the CW in “Arrow.” Is it another teen soap opera or does it carry some superhero awesomeness? Find… more »

Movie Reviews seven-psychopaths

Episode 70 – Seven Psychopaths Review

We go on a ride with some dog kidnappers in Seven Psychopaths.

Movie Reviews taken2

Episode 69 – Taken 2 Review

A man with “special skills” is put to the test…again. Check out our review of Taken 2.

Movie Reviews argo

Episode 68 – Argo Review

Ben Affleck returns to the directors chair in this historical account of American hostages in Iran. See what we think of “Argo.”

TV Show Reviews elementary-last-resort-reviews

Episode 67 – Elementary & Last Resort TV Show Reviews

In this episode we check out two new dramas, CBS’s Elementary and ABC’s Last Resort.